Harness the Power of Citizen Networking Like Never Before

Consider the following concept:

We live in an age of lightspeed communication - so accurate information should always be at our fingertips.

Did you laugh? No surprises if so. Right now it almost seems like the opposite is true: the more connected we are, the more difficult it is to separate fact from fiction.

But reliable information shouldn't be a joke - and that's why we're building ShoutMap.

ShoutMap operates on the principle that the best information comes unfiltered from the source, and comprises three complementary components.

ShoutMap Search

Search engines are supposed to return the webpages which best match your query. But it's a long time since any of them did this.

The algorithms which underpin their operation have become progressively more complex. Search results have drifted away from what you asked for, and towards what they decided to show you.

Many newer search engines simply rehash results from the old ones, so do not provide a real alternative.

ShoutMap Search is different because it is based on our own database, which we are building from the ground up.

ShoutMap Search aims to return the webpages you actually asked for, just like the old days. Not only that, but we will also publicise our algorithm, and provide you with the tools to check it.

ShoutMap Video Content Indexing

Despite the rise of "deep fake" technology, video footage is still the closest way to get information "straight from the horse's mouth" without leaving your sofa. If claims are made about a person's words, it should be trivial to find that on video - and if you can't find it, maybe it didn't happen.

The key to making this possible is indexing the words that are actually spoken in the video, in addition to the video title and metadata.

Yes, indexing the content of billions of videos is a tall order - but nonetheless we're doing it. No-one said it would be easy!

ShoutMap World

What's happening right now in France or New Zealand? What was happening last week in your local area?

Imagine a system of posting videos, so they are tagged in space and time. These are the "shouts" of shoutmap.

Now picture a map-based user interface which allows filtering by area and timeslice. This is the "map" of shoutmap.

Several measures help to ensure shouts are genuine, including moderation by you, the user!